About Food Fight

Unleash the food champion hidden in you and become the best commander! Food Fight is an epic online battle & strategy game which unlocks your creativity and imagination. Build your village, produce and trade, train your food warriors, prepare your approach and crush your enemies to juices...Literally!

Welcome to Food Fight! The epic online trade, battle & strategy game that will inspire you to be the prime leader in the Food world.
Build your village to your taste; Would you like to create chocolate? Build a Chocolate Mine to extract and produce the darkest and the tastiest
chocolate in your food world. Or are you more into cheese? Simply build a Cheese Factory to satisfy your delicate needs and create the
smelliest cheese in the history of foodkind (This will also keep your foes on a distance).
Feeling experimental? Take your ingredients to the Food Mixer to create even tastier products, you'll never know when you might need them.

You might be more of a trader than a farmer. Fortunatly Food Fight has a role for everyone, load your mighty ship with your products and
lower the sails for a trip of a lifetime to the Food Market. Just be sure to bring your Food warriors along for additional security, for you
never know where the dangers may be lurking, or when a fellow player turns to pirating to steal your precious merchandise.  
On arrival to the Food Market, you will be challenged to be the sharpest trader. The prices of the products are fully dynamic and
depend on the current economy in the Food Fight world, play it smart!

Are you ready for war? Prepare your battle plan! Create over 20 diverse Food warriors to fight, defend and lead you to battle against
the fiercest enemies in Food Fight. Train your fighters to become stronger and immerse yourself in a legendary journey of PVP to crush
your foes in the Food Arena. Or would you prefere to bring your warriors to the Dungeons to test their might by defeating the Food guardians hidden deep under the surface of the Food world in an epic battle of PVE. But if your warriors need additional training, you can build a Spicy Spells
to craft the darkest and strongest spells to keep you in an advantage against your enemies. Become a Food Wizard!

Do you have beef with a fellow neighbour? (..yes, this is a food reference!) Prepare your troops for invasion! 
Try to bring down the gates of your sworn enemy. Bring all your strongest spells, warriors and your experience for the defence will be tough.
But watch out! Keep your own defence strong, because there might be a player who will want to invade and challenge the very own gates of Your Food village!

Food Fight will keep everyone satisfied. Either you are a farmer, trader or an arena champion, you will never lose your hunger for more.
With the unique and various design of units and the captivating environments of different worlds, it will be a delight for your eyes and a mesmerizing experience of a lifetime.
Craft, Trade, Fight and Prosper!